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I want to thank you for your quick response in getting the part I ordered to me. I received it on Friday 11/05 and installed it the next day. It works just fine and when my wife is happy everyone in this house is happy.

Thanks again,
Loren P.

Installation successfully completed. Thanks for your support and the nice merchandise. We like the new racks better than the originals. Your prices are also more reasonable than the competition, for essentially the same products. Happy to provide an endorsement, if you use them.


Appliance Repair / Repair Help, Tips

Which Appliance Part Is Needed?

If your appliance quits working, how do you know which appliance part is needed? This will depend on the type, make, and model of the appliance that needs repairs, but there are some basic steps that can be performed with each type of appliance to determine a likely cause of the problems. There are also some tips you can follow on how to find the appliance part you need conveniently, with no wasted time or hassles. Often the first step to troubleshooting can be the simplest. First check the plug, and make sure that the appliance is plugged in. You do not want to order an appliance part just to find out that somehow your washer came unplugged during the spin cycle, or the family dog darted behind the frig and pulled the plug. If your appliance is plugged in, another trick may help get it back up and going without having to order an appliance part as well. Unplug the appliance, and plug in a toaster or other small electrical appliance that you know works into the outlet. It is rare but possible that your plug may have quit working. I once bought a new microwave and threw away a perfectly good used one for this reason.

If you have gone through the first steps, and you know you need an appliance part, it may be a little more difficult narrowing down which part it is that you need. Grab a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, and write down the appliance type, make, and model. This will be very helpful when you are trying to troubleshoot which appliance part needs to be replaced. Often the problem itself can give you a clue as to where to start, and if you still have the operation and care manual for the appliance that can also be a big help. Many times these manuals will have troubleshooting guides included to help you locate and fix any problems. If you have a washer that will not spin out, the appliance part you need will usually be a belt, and the same is true if your dryer will heat up but the drum does not turn.

There are also many online websites and forums where you can get information about which appliance part you actually need. You can use these sites to look up specific makes, models, types, and even certain problems. This is really helpful if your manual does not address the issue, or if you do not have the troubleshooting guide which came with the appliance. Ordering the right appliance part is important, because you want to repair your appliance as soon as possible. Using appliance part websites, forums, and other online resources you can determine the exact problem, and the part responsible. Make sure whenever you are working on an appliance that the power cord has been removed from the socket and there is no power to the unit. Failing to do this can cause serious injury and possibly death. Make sure to do all your appliance repairs safely.
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